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Therapy services

I can offer support using a variety of mediums including email, video conferencing and instant messaging.  These types of support are now proven to be effective and can be of particular help for people with busy lifestyles, erratic schedules and those seeking a greater degree of anonymity than face-to-face work offers. Online support sessions via instant messaging and video conferencing need to be scheduled and I respond to therapeutic emails within 48 hours. 

I would be happy to design a tailored package for you if you are interested in combining online and face-to-face support. For example, you could choose to have several contacts in a week where you need extra support via email, instant messaging and video conferencing with a longer break before contacting me again.  Although appointments generally need to be scheduled if you wish to arrange for more immediate, ad hoc contacts I can accommodate this. 

Face-to-face therapy

I offer 50 minute sessions in south west London, including in Clapham Common and Clapham Junction. I can offer anything from single sessions to open ended work. EMDR requires a minimum commitment of 6 sessions.

Each 50 minute session of face-to-face work is £70. EMDR and Somatic Trauma Therapy sessions are £80 and are 50 minutes in length. 

Online therapy

I can offer therapeutic support online and the prices are the same as their face to face equivalents. 

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